Team spirit in the classroom


The aim is to support teachers’ professional development regarding selected sub-topics in order to strengthen the “team spirit in the classroom”.

The training material includes information on how to address children’s learning needs by focusing on individual interests and by using different strategies and tools in order to create a motivational learning environment and apply an authentic teaching style.

Furthermore, teachers will be provided with methods to improve their skills to guide learning. As a desired side effect, they will reflect on their own attitudes, habits and teaching roles.

For successful classroom management, teachers will be familiarised with the importance of disciplinary management by setting rules and goals in order to promote effective learning and transparency for pupils.

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Strategies for boosting attention and concentration


Managing challenging behaviour


Establishing ground rules

 Learning Objectives

  • To foster ideas generation for a positive learning environment
  • To promote the use of methods to increase concentration
  • To raise awareness for pupils’ change of behaviour and support analysis of challenging behaviour and choice of appropriate coping strategy
  • To strengthen teachers’ skills regarding the setting of learning goals and rules based on a common understanding and common values


  • I prepare and include pupils in my learning plans and thoughts
  • I try not to use information, tools and methods that I don’t feel safe with and without first adapt them
  • Whenever possible, I ask support from peers, school board, parents or experts on certain issues
  • I don`t develop and apply activities and principles that are inappropriate either for myself or for my pupils
  • I reflect and build on my professional knowledge and experience when applying information, tools and methods
  • I try my best to remain calm and avoid starting an argument with pupils

 References/further reading