A closer look at “THRIVE”

“THRIVE”’s e-platform provides e-learning courses to teachers/educators of young children who are interested in enhancing their knowledge about non-formal methodology within the formal framework of their professional field.

“THRIVE” delivers to teacher/educators a facilitated way to enhance their teaching quality, without the restrictions of place or/and time.

The online courses are self-paced and reachable by anyone who desires to improve his/her teaching competences, designed to address both beginning and experienced teachers.

The training courses provides to teachers, as adult learners, learning contents, activities, case studies and useful material.

After completing the e-learning courses, the teacher will acquire or enhance his/her knowledge regarding non-formal training, promotion of positive behaviors in school, leadership skills, considerate communication, strategies for evaluating student understanding, classroom management, etc.

Teachers will acquire soft skills which will allow him/her to encourage students to actively participate in the learning process, assist their self-development, dealing with occurring situations in the classroom and monitor the factors that intervene in school attendance.

The online platform is divided into several Topics and Subtopics according to the skills every lesson/chapter wishes to develop. Every thematic area  is composed by a theoretical introduction accompanied by practical examples and case studies to increase understanding and to consolidate the learning.

The e-Platform allows a multi-device access to the learning contents (laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.).

The e-Platform is available in five language (English, Greek, Spanish, Italian and German).